About the DarkShadow Owners

Hey everyone! DarkFireKiller and ShadowWhisperer here! Welcome to our DarkShadow's Website!!

We are co-owners of the DarkShadow's Art Shop and DarkShadow's YouTube Channel (links to these sites can be found on the left side bar, under Links).  We are just two Canadian guys trying to survive the Winter! Haha.  We are legit brothers, yes, half the time we are talking to you guys we are in fact sitting beside each other!

Scroll down for some more info on each of us individually:


Hey guys!  I'm the Cookie guy!  I love playing AQWorlds.  OreoBelle is my character name, but everyone calls me Oreo!

I'm an Official AQW Wiki Helper, and I'm a retired helpful forumite.  I am a member of EbilCorp (the guild).  (Follow us on twitter @EbilCorpAE)


Heyo!  My name is ShadowWhisperer.  I love Artix Entertainment and their games!  I am ShadowWhisperer on AQWorlds; everyone calls me Shadow, or ShadowW, or Shady...well I guess I have a bunch of nicknames.  (If you have anymore, I'm always looking forward to hearing them)  I'm very friendly and always looking for new friends to share my weirdness with!!

I am an Official AQW and HS Wiki Helper! I am also a forumite.  I am an Official AE Staff Assistant working with the AE Web QA Team (We test the AE websites).

Hey again!  Looks like you survived all that wacky stuff about us!  Haha, if you guys have any questions for us, you can always tweet our AE Twitter accounts or even the DarkShadow's Twitter account (links to these sites can be found on the left side bar, under Links).

We would like thank you all in advance for supporting us at DarkShadow™ :)

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